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Land foreignisation in Brazil: contemporary issues regarding law, investments and transnational land

Journal of Public Administration (África do Sul) publica artigo de prof. Thiago Lima e Iale Pereira.

O artigo, que integra número especial que discute a reforma agrária na África do Sul. se insere na linha de pesquisa sobre Estrangeirização de terras no sistema internacional contemporâneo, coduzida no âmbito do Grupo de Pesquisa sobre Fome e Relações Internacionais (FomeRI). Confira o abstract:


Despite its huge agricultural landmass, Brazil is a country marked by continuous social conflicts around the distribution of land, and the agrarian reform has never advanced enough to accommodate the millions of landless families. Recently, this issue received another ingredient, as Michel Temer's government is pursuing the liberalization of transnational acquisition of land, arguing that this would boost investment in infrastructure and in the modernization of production. Critics say that it would increase the price of land, complicating further the attempts of land redistribution either through disappropriation or indenization. Besides, it would push the agricultural frontier deeper inside the country, jeopardizing peasants and the ecosystem. This article aims to present this discussion by analyzing, through qualitative literature assessment, the current government efforts in the context of the global land rush. To do so, we depart from the Agro-Industrial Complex perspective to provide a brief historical background of the land issue since the mid-20th Century, analyze the changes in the law from the 1990s to the present and identify the coalition of forces that are engaged in the struggle.

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